Footballers mind-set to an injury – Post Op

Dave Edwards Operation picture

I came around from the operation about 12.30am and then drifted back off till about 1.30am.

When I woke this time, a nurse was in my room and asked how I was? I just replied, “I’m starving!” So there I was at 2am tucking into a big 3 course meal, it was amazing! After this I drifted in and out of sleep till around 7am. I then had a huge breakfast including an omelette. Cereals, fruit and toast, all topped off with a nice cup of tea. The service was amazing.

Dave Edwards Operation picture
Operation done!

I was still in quite a bit of pain and my foot was throbbing! The operation involves three main incisions along the outside of my foot. One at the fracture sight, one at the base of my 5th metatarsal and one in my heel where a bone graft is taken. Also I had some cells taken from the bone marrow in my pelvis, which along with the bone graft is used at the fracture site to encourage healing.

A screw is then inserted at the base of my metatarsal along the length of the bone. I was then stitched back up and that’s it done and dusted! So after all that, the pain wasn’t surprising and it stayed throughout the morning until I was discharged at around 1pm. It was an uncomfortable journey home as well which wasn’t helped by breaking down on M40 turning my journey back to Shrewsbury into a 6-hour trip. I was desperate to get home, desperate to see my wife (Emma) and my kids (Jack 5, Evie 3) and also get showered and start feeling human again!


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